garglegargle (amayahimura) wrote in theblanketfort,

me n ryo had a little fun

we like supernatural

[18:00] * seregil is now known as JealousDean
[18:00] SlickSam> @.@
[18:00] JealousDean> sammy!
[18:00] SlickSam> its not what you think
[18:00] JealousDean> just what do you think you're doing?
[18:00] JealousDean> we're on a mission here!
[18:01] SlickSam> nothing dean
[18:01] SlickSam> i'm just cold
[18:01] JealousDean> you're cold, eh?
[18:01] * SlickSam discreetly nudges bucker behind pile of stuff
[18:01] SlickSam> bucket
[18:01] SlickSam> yeah
[18:01] JealousDean> then why don't you put on some clothes!
[18:01] SlickSam> i'm wet..this towel isnt that big n i dont wanna get my clothes wet
[18:01] JealousDean> why, anybody could walk in here and see you like this!
[18:02] SlickSam> yeah well
[18:02] JealousDean> i can see that that towel isn't that big!
[18:02] SlickSam> i was hoping you'd walk in
[18:02] JealousDean> and what's this stuff you have smeared all o... eh?
[18:02] SlickSam> and not just anybody
[18:02] JealousDean> ah
[18:02] SlickSam> this?
[18:02] JealousDean> well
[18:02] JealousDean> ahem
[18:02] JealousDean> um
[18:02] * SlickSam swipes some off chest with a finger
[18:02] JealousDean> ...
[18:02] * SlickSam licks it
[18:02] SlickSam> hmm...doesnt taste all that good
[18:02] SlickSam> it's supposed to be flavoured
[18:02] JealousDean> now, sammy... um
[18:02] SlickSam> cheap shit
[18:03] JealousDean> we have a mission or something
[18:03] * JealousDean stares dazedly at finger sammy was just licking
[18:03] SlickSam> mission huh?
[18:03] * SlickSam turns around n rummages for laptop
[18:03] SlickSam> where did that thing go
[18:03] * SlickSam bends over n looks under stuff
[18:03] * JealousDean stares fixedly at lovely posterior view presented during rummaging
[18:04] SlickSam> dammit
[18:04] JealousDean> er...
[18:04] JealousDean> sammy
[18:04] JealousDean> um
[18:04] JealousDean> that towel
[18:04] SlickSam> yeah what
[18:04] JealousDean> ...
[18:04] SlickSam> where did it go
[18:04] JealousDean> that's what i was just wondering
[18:04] * SlickSam looks under bed
[18:04] JealousDean> i mean
[18:04] JealousDean> your towel
[18:04] SlickSam> huh
[18:04] SlickSam> yeah hold up dean
[18:04] SlickSam> lemme find that damn laptop
[18:05] SlickSam> i swear..if it got stolen or something..
[18:05] SlickSam> damn humans
[18:05] JealousDean> er.... towel!
[18:05] JealousDean> your towel!
[18:05] * JealousDean gives up and stares at sammy's now complete nakedness
[18:05] * SlickSam leans over table n piles of newspapers
[18:06] * JealousDean abandons all hope of rational thought but tries not to drool too much
[18:06] SlickSam> oh here it is
[18:06] * SlickSam hold laptop up n grins triumphantly at dean
[18:06] SlickSam> it was under them old newspapers
[18:06] SlickSam> so..mission huh
[18:06] SlickSam> what do we need to do n such
[18:06] * SlickSam raises eyebrow at dean
[18:07] SlickSam> whats wrong?
[18:07] * JealousDean tears gaze away from sammy's crotch only to settle on perky nipples
[18:07] JealousDean> ...
[18:07] * SlickSam shivers
[18:07] SlickSam> why is it so cold in here
[18:07] SlickSam> i swear its been getting colder
[18:07] JealousDean> ...
[18:07] * SlickSam sits at table n opens laptop
[18:08] * SlickSam pretends to look out the window n smirks
[18:08] * JealousDean is now known as DroolingDean
[18:08] DroolingDean> right
[18:08] DroolingDean> mission
[18:08] SlickSam> hey dean
[18:08] DroolingDean> have we found dad yet?
[18:08] SlickSam> dean!
[18:08] DroolingDean> huh?
[18:08] DroolingDean> what?
[18:08] * SlickSam offers some tissue
[18:09] DroolingDean> ah
[18:09] DroolingDean> yes
[18:09] DroolingDean> erm
[18:09] SlickSam> you got something on your face dude
[18:09] DroolingDean> i need to take a showerr
[18:09] * SlickSam looks back at laptop n smirks slightly
[18:09] SlickSam> alrighty
[18:09] SlickSam> i'd better get some clothes on
[18:09] * DroolingDean flees into bathroom
[18:09] SlickSam> its damn cold
[18:09] * DroolingDean is now known as FantasizingDean
[18:09] * SlickSam sits n giggles for a bit
[18:10] * FantasizingDean curses softly to himself... i should have offered to help him warm up!
[18:10] FantasizingDean> or something!
[18:10] * SlickSam gets up n sneaks into bathroom
[18:10] FantasizingDean> and how can he be cold!
[18:10] FantasizingDean> i am so freaking hot!
[18:10] SlickSam> you are
[18:10] * SlickSam slides arms around dean
[18:10] SlickSam> very hot
[18:10] FantasizingDean> sammy?
[18:10] * SlickSam nibbles the back of dean's neck
[18:10] SlickSam> yeah dean?
[18:10] FantasizingDean> what are you doing?
[18:11] FantasizingDean> i mean...
[18:11] SlickSam> warming up
[18:11] FantasizingDean> we're both guys!
[18:11] FantasizingDean> and brothers!
[18:11] FantasizingDean> this...
[18:11] FantasizingDean> this isn't right!
[18:11] SlickSam> its not?
[18:11] * FantasizingDean moans
[18:11] FantasizingDean> well, maybe THAT was right...
[18:11] * SlickSam runs hands over dean's chest
[18:11] SlickSam> what's right dean?
[18:12] * SlickSam licks at dean's shoulder
[18:12] SlickSam> this?
[18:12] FantasizingDean> mmm
[18:12] FantasizingDean> that feels so good...
[18:12] FantasizingDean> i mean
[18:12] FantasizingDean> this is wrong!
[18:12] * SlickSam rubs against dean's ass
[18:12] FantasizingDean> i mean
[18:12] SlickSam> very wrong
[18:12] FantasizingDean> you're younger than me!
[18:12] SlickSam> yeah
[18:12] FantasizingDean> i can't let you be corrupted or something!
[18:12] SlickSam> of course
[18:13] * SlickSam reaches for little dean
[18:13] FantasizingDean> oh god yes, sammy
[18:13] * FantasizingDean leans back on his brother
[18:13] * SlickSam arranges himself so he's in between dean's cheeks
[18:14] SlickSam> hmm?
[18:14] * FantasizingDean groans and rubs against sammy
[18:14] * SlickSam plays with not so little dean
[18:14] * SlickSam licks behind dean's ear
[18:15] * FantasizingDean arches into sammy's hand
[18:15] FantasizingDean> where the hell did you learn to do that so well, little brother?
[18:15] * SlickSam grinds betweendean's cheeks
[18:15] SlickSam> hmm....
[18:16] college is for learning
[18:16] * SlickSam turns dean's head n licks at dean lips
[18:16] FantasizingDean> yes, well, didn't you learn that to do this properly neither of us should be wearing any clothes?
[18:16] FantasizingDean> so why are mine still on?
[18:17] SlickSam> dunno
[18:17] * SlickSam continues to rub between dean's cheeks
[18:17] SlickSam> i'm not wearing any
[18:17] * SlickSam shrugs n licks more at dean's lips
[18:17] * FantasizingDean turns around and slams sammy against the door, tears his own shirt off and then kisses sammy forcefully
[18:18] * SlickSam smirks n allows himself to be manhandled
[18:18] * SlickSam opens his mouth for dean
[18:18] * FantasizingDean plunges his tongue into sammy's mouth
[18:19] * SlickSam groans n sucks on dean's tongue
[18:20] * FantasizingDean gropes sammy's ass and grinds against him
[18:20] * SlickSam slips his hands into the back of dean's jeans
[18:22] FantasizingDean> you taste so good
[18:22] * FantasizingDean tastes some morre
[18:23] * SlickSam slips his fingers over dean's hole
[18:23] SlickSam> you taste like beer
[18:23] SlickSam> i like beer
[18:24] * FantasizingDean moans
[18:27] * SlickSam rubs a finger on the stuff on his nipples n rubs it on deans hole
[18:28] SlickSam> is it getting warm?
[18:30] FantasizingDean> ye... yes
[18:30] * FantasizingDean licks sammy's collarbone
[18:35] SlickSam> good
[18:35] * SlickSam slips 2 fingers in
[18:35] SlickSam> warm?
[18:36] FantasizingDean> getting warmer...
[18:37] SlickSam> good
[18:37] SlickSam> dont want you to get cold
[18:37] FantasizingDean> i thought you were the one that was cold
[18:37] SlickSam> yeah
[18:37] SlickSam> dont want you to be as cold as i am
[18:38] FantasizingDean> are you warm yet?
[18:38] * SlickSam shivers
[18:38] SlickSam> i'd be warmer if you'd lean over the sink a bit
[18:38] * FantasizingDean flushes
[18:38] FantasizingDean> i suppose i could do that
[18:38] * SlickSam keeps his fingers moving inside dean
[18:38] SlickSam> you could
[18:39] SlickSam> you dont want me to catch a cold right?
[18:39] * SlickSam puppy dog eyes at dean
[18:39] * FantasizingDean moves over to sink and leans forward a bit
[18:39] * FantasizingDean looks back over his shoulder and says "like this?"
[18:39] * SlickSam follows keeping fingers inside dean
[18:39] SlickSam> yeah like that
[18:40] * SlickSam shoves dean's jeans down enough to uncover his ass
[18:40] * FantasizingDean pushes himself back on sammy's fingers
[18:40] SlickSam> now just spread your legs a bit
[18:40] * SlickSam wiggles his fingers
[18:40] * FantasizingDean groans
[18:41] SlickSam> or not
[18:41] * SlickSam gets a knee between dean's thighs n does it for him
[18:41] * FantasizingDean doesn't resist
[18:41] * SlickSam runs a hand up dean's back
[18:42] SlickSam> ok just wait there
[18:42] * FantasizingDean makes a dissatisfied sound
[18:42] FantasizingDean> don't want to wait!
[18:42] FantasizingDean> get your ass in gear, sammy!
[18:43] * SlickSam makes some space with his fingers n pushes not so little sam in a bit
[18:43] SlickSam> sam
[18:43] FantasizingDean> ah
[18:43] * SlickSam takes his fingers out n rubs them in stuff on his chest n rubs it on himself
[18:43] SlickSam> yeah
[18:43] SlickSam> thats right
[18:43] FantasizingDean> c'mon sammy
[18:44] * SlickSam grabs dean's hip and pulls him back
[18:44] SlickSam> sam
[18:44] SlickSam> happy now dean?
[18:44] * FantasizingDean mutters something unintelligible
[18:45] FantasizingDean> that ends in "sammy"
[18:45] SlickSam> *smirk*
[18:45] SlickSam> sam
[18:45] * SlickSam grinds himself in n leans on dean's back
[18:45] SlickSam> mm nice n warm
[18:45] SlickSam> much better
[18:45] FantasizingDean> it's about time
[18:46] SlickSam> jerk
[18:46] * SlickSam starts to pull out all slow-like
[18:47] FantasizingDean> shit, sammy, quit playing games
[18:47] SlickSam> sam
[18:47] * SlickSam pulls dean back hard
[18:47] SlickSam> damn dean
[18:48] * SlickSam grabs dean around the waist n sits on the edge of the tub
[18:48] SlickSam> fit in my lap dean
[18:48] FantasizingDean> oh
[18:48] FantasizingDean> wow
[18:48] FantasizingDean> damn you're in deep
[18:49] * SlickSam licks at dean's ear
[18:49] SlickSam> turn around and ride me cowboy
[18:49] * SlickSam snickers
[18:49] * FantasizingDean lifts himself up and slams himself back down
[18:50] SlickSam> ok that works too
[18:50] * SlickSam groans
[18:50] FantasizingDean> nah
[18:50] SlickSam> no?
[18:50] FantasizingDean> i want to see your face next time i do that
[18:50] * FantasizingDean turns around
[18:50] SlickSam> oh
[18:50] FantasizingDean> and proceeds to give sam the ride of his life
[18:50] * SlickSam 's eyes roll to the back of his head
[18:51] SlickSam> oh god dean...turn around again
[18:51] SlickSam> how the hell are you so flexible with that leg beef boy
[18:51] FantasizingDean> shut up sammy and take it like a man
[18:51] * SlickSam gasps
[18:51] SlickSam> sam
[18:52] * SlickSam almost falls into the tub
[18:52] SlickSam> shit
[18:52] * SlickSam slides down into the tub n leans back with legs hanging over the side
[18:53] SlickSam> keep going dean
[18:53] SlickSam> shit
[18:53] FantasizingDean> no worries
[18:53] FantasizingDean> i'm not stopping till i'm done with you sammy
[18:53] * SlickSam leans his head back against the wall
[18:58] SlickSam> come on dean
[18:58] SlickSam> i'm dying here
[18:58] FantasizingDean> you are such a wussy boy
[18:58] FantasizingDean> but fine
[18:58] FantasizingDean> if you want this over sooner
[18:58] FantasizingDean> you know what you need to do
[18:58] SlickSam> fine
[18:59] * SlickSam bends over n sucks the tip of not so little dean into his mouth
[18:59] SlickSam> didn't know i could do this did ya deany boy
[18:59] * FantasizingDean gasps
[19:01] SlickSam> hehehe
[19:01] SlickSam> yeah
[19:01] * SlickSam sucks harder
[19:01] SlickSam> come on dean...push it down my throat
[19:03] FantasizingDean> you don't need to tell me that twice
[19:03] FantasizingDean> but this is totally not lasting much longer
[19:04] SlickSam> its all good
[19:04] SlickSam> we can just do it again later
[19:04] SlickSam> so come on
[19:05] * SlickSam sucks at the head some more
[19:05] FantasizingDean> damn
[19:05] FantasizingDean> that's feels so good
[19:05] * SlickSam tongues it
[19:06] * FantasizingDean stiffens suddenly, and releases a gush of semen
[19:07] * SlickSam tries to swallow it all
[19:07] SlickSam> come on dean
[19:07] SlickSam> stop just sitting there and ride me properly
[19:08] SlickSam> unless that just took too much out of you
[19:08] * FantasizingDean slumps for a minute and then starts moving fiercely
[19:08] SlickSam> oh yeah
[19:08] * SlickSam clutches at deans hips
[19:09] SlickSam> not much longer...youre so damn tight
[19:09] * SlickSam shoves dean down hard n holds him there
[19:10] * SlickSam explodes inside dean
[19:10] * SlickSam pants
[19:10] FantasizingDean> ah
[19:11] * FantasizingDean nuzzles at sammy's hair
[19:11] FantasizingDean> alrigth
[19:11] FantasizingDean> that was nice
[19:11] FantasizingDean> but now, we have work to do
[19:11] * SlickSam holds dean against him
[19:11] SlickSam> in a minute
[19:11] * FantasizingDean stands up and tosses sammy a washcloth
[19:11] FantasizingDean> better cleaned up lazy
[19:11] SlickSam> dammit dean
[19:11] SlickSam> i was wallowing in the afterglow
[19:11] SlickSam> give me back my after glow
[19:11] FantasizingDean> you're such a girl
[19:11] FantasizingDean> i'm out of here
[19:11] * FantasizingDean is now known as ryoryo
[19:12] SlickSam> but youre my bitch
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