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Welcome to the spoooooooky music thread! Request, post, comment away ^;-;^

To start us off the delectable first solo release by Közi: Izayoi no Tsuki

If you`ve only heard his more recent stuff you have to give this a listen, totally different from anything he`s done since and ripped by our own lovely garglegargle.

As well
The Candy Spooky Theater
Specifically, Psitdotnp by The Candy Spooky Theater.

Last but not least is a mini mix collection of spoooooooky music from random bands

Art Marju Duchain - Dark Icon Symphony
Aioria - Ibara no Mori
D'espairsRay - Murder Freaks
deadman - Site of Scaffold
Gullet - Pool

I also realised that these are all fairly closely related. Yuzuru of The Candy Spooky Theater has also performed in Art Marju Duchain. Közi was in Malice Mizer with Mana who also has performed in Art Marju Duchain.
Sort of like six degrees of something much cooler than Kevin Bacon.<-ryoryo note
Hizumi of D'espairs was chorus in Kisui. aie and Toki of deadman were also in Kisui and Yukino was in deadman before Gullet. That and the replacement bass for Yukino in lynch. is Hikaru who worked in Kisui as well.
Misa of Aioria did chorus for Yukiya, which is a bit of a weird connection but it takes you back to JILS and Tohru from Moi Dix Mois...course Ren was in JILS and Airoria random isn`t really all that appropriate...maybe a mini mix of loosely related bands would be more appropriate.

And I have a couple of requests... More of The Candy Spooky Theater. Also Earl Grey, specifically Heads Will Roll or whatever that song was. I put all my Earl Grey in one basket or cd and now I can`t find any of it. Thanks in advance
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