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Liebficken (Tatsurou x Yukke)

Title- Liebficken (Lovely to Fuck)
Rating- NC-17
Fandom- ムック (MUCC)
Pairing- Tatsurou x Yukke
Warning- Swearing, M / M, yaoi, pwp, bad grammar
Disclaimer- Nope i wish i know these two men but i don't ; ;

okay so it has been a long time since i wrote something. this was writen due to this video


Yukke jolted awake; blinking a few times, he lets his eyes adjust to the dark room. He remembered that he and his band mates were staying at the studio over night while recording their new album. He was facing his other two band mates, he watched them closely.
Satochi had pushed his blankets off himself and was laying flat on his stomach with the pillow bent under his head. His brown hair hanged over his closed eyes. Yukke watched him move his arm around himself feeling the floor. He was looking for his blanket; grabbing it he pulled it over himself and fell back into a deep slumber.
Miya laid on his side, curled up to his pillow which he hugged in his sleep, he was mumbling something in his sleep but Yukke could not understand what he was saying. His dark brown hair was sticking up in all directions.
Looking around Yukke could see all the different shadows that ran a crossed the walls. He knew what the items were, mostly their equipment. He shivered lightly; it was a cold night in the studio. He also knew he had to get some sleep considering that he had to get up in a few hours with his band mates to practice. Yawning, he went to turn to his other side but found that he was unable to move. Trying to sit up, he found he was not able to do that either. Then he felt it, someone’s arm was snaked around his stomach holding him there. Knowing that Satochi and Miya have not moved that only left one person.
“Tatsurou……” Yukke whispered out questioningly trying to say it quietly so he did not wake his friends.
Yukke could feel Tatsurou’s breath on his neck moving up to his ear. He shivered at the hot breath touching his cold skin.
“Shh….” Yukke heard him whisper right into his ear. He closed his eyes tightly and gasped when he felt the singer flick his tongue against his ear lobe. He then felt something on his lips, he opened his eyes and could see that Tatsurou had moved his arm around him and lightly pressed his index finger to his lips.
Yukke felt him trail his index finger down to his chin making him turn his head upward towards the ceiling. Feeling Tatsurou move, he was now leaning against his back and left shoulder bending down pressing their lips together. The kiss was long and slow with the gentle feeling of Tatsurou’s tongue swiping against his own. Then the kiss turned into a bruising one as Tatsurou pressed harder against his lips. His tongue was battling against Tatsurou’s.
When the kiss was broken, Yukke could see Tatsurou smiling at him. He watched him lean back laying behind him with his lips attacking the soft skin on his neck.
Yukke felt Tatsurou’s fingers on his chin titling his head backwards, leaving his neck exposed for the man behind him. Closing his eyes, he could feel the singer sucking softly on the skin that he exposed. Yukke tried not to let a moan escaped his month, but failed when he felt the other man start running his hands over his body under the blankets.
Hearing Tatsurou chuckle lightly, he once again placed his index finger to his lips running it along his bottom lip.
“Keep doing that and the other guys will hear us and I will have to stop” Tatsurou whispered again flicking his tongue on the outer side of Yukke’s ear.
Yukke shivered to the touch again, feeling Tatsurou dip his hand under his t-shirt in the front, ranked his finger nails lightly over the soft skin, and then pressed his body up against his. Yukke felt Tatsurou’s hardness and he could feel his face feeling hot. Feeling Tatsurou pulling on his shirt, he bundled it at his neck level running his fingers over him again. Yukke buried his head in his pillow to hold his moans in.
Tatsurou grinned, he reached down to Yukke’s stomach and continue to dip his hands lower seeing the bassist doing his best not to make a sound. So he was right on Yukke wanting this, leaning up towards the other man’s ear again he whispered softly in it.
“Tell me what you want?” He watched as the man shivered again and then let out a moan when Tatsurou reached down into his boxers stroking him lightly.
“Fuck me…” Tatsurou let out devilish moan, he did not think that the other man would use that word, let alone want to do that with the other two men in the room. Stroking him harder, Tatsurou looked around for anything that he could use for a lube. Seeing Miya’s lotion sitting on the table near them, he reached up and grabbed it. He let go of Yukke who let out a groan of protest.

Yukke was wondering what Tatsurou was doing. Looking over his shoulder he could see the other man had thrown the blankets off of him, and then his boxers behind him on the floor. Sitting up on his knees he faced Tatsurou and felt his face get hot again when he heard Tatsurou let out a small moan. Looking down he could see the vocalist stroke himself. A scent filled the air and Yukke knew it was a lotion. It smelled like vanilla bean. Leaning forward, he reached out placing his hand behind Tatsurou’s head pushing him forward and placed a lustful kiss on his lips.
Tatsurou pulled away, breathing hard he could see Yukke looking at him with a lustful look. He grinned reaching down grabbing the bassist’s boxers pulling on them.
When he finally got them off, he reached up and pulled the forgotten shirt off of him. Lightly, he pushed the other man back on the bed, making him lay back on the side that he was on. Reaching for the blankets he pulled them back over him and Yukke for fear of them getting cold or that their band mates waking up. He pressed himself up against the blonde’s ass and both of them were moaning lightly.
“Shall I prepare you?” Tatsurou whispered, pressing himself harder into Yukke’s ass trying not to let a moan escape from his mouth.
“No….” Yukke groaned, and then he felt Tatsurou press his tip against him as he gasped. He felt the other man place his hand on his hip and pushed forward into him. Gasping loudly, Yukke gripped the sheets. It hurt, a burning feeling, and he was starting to wonder if this pain was going to go away or not.
Tatsurou groaned feeling the tightness that was wrapped around him. The lotion was starting to warm up as he pumped into Yukke. Pushing in harder he could hear Yukke whimpering in his pillow. Pausing in his thrusts, he allowed himself to sit there for a minute and enjoy the tight warm feeling.
Tilting his head upward he could see the wall that was lined with the mirrors and he looked at Yukke's eyes which were wide, he looked dazed; mouth was hanging ajar opening. Pushing forward again he could hear Yukke moaning into the pillow now. Tatsurou rested his head back on his shoulders thrusting hard into the smaller man. He begins to pant harder and harder. The more he went faster and harder into the man below him, the more he could feel that he was close, and continued to push harder.
Yukke moaned in his pillow. The feeling of Tatsurou hurt at first but then gave away at pleasure. He was not sure how much longer he was going to last. Reaching down he wrapped his fingers around his length, stroking himself. But he was forced to stop when he felt Tatsurou reach down and moved his hand away from him. He gasped when Tatsurou started to pump in him time of his thrusting.
“Ahhnn….Ta-Tatsurou…” Yukke couldn’t help but let that out; he could feel the warm liquid on his legs. His face felt hot again and he was panting hard. He could still feel Tatsurou pushing into him. Pushing back against Tatsurou in time with his thrusting he could hear the other man moaning.
Tatsurou buried his head into Yukke’s shoulder placing kissing on the bare skin. He felt the warm liquid that was Yukke, all over his hands under the blanket. He felt the tightness wrap around him harder as he thrust in more. He could feel that he was about to push over the edge.
All he could hear was his own heart beat and the sound of Yukke still panting. Not that he did care if the other band mates heard them. Tatsurou’s muscles clenched and he held his breath letting his orgasm wash over himself pleasured fully filling his mind as he came in Yukke.
Both panting hard, Yukke turned in the bed facing Tatsurou placing a light kiss on his lips. He could tell that the other man was tired. Helping the man to his bed he covered him up.
Walking back to his own, he cleaned up the mess before heading to bed himself.
The loud alarm clock rang throughout the studio and groans could be heard from everyone. Yukke was the first to jump out of bed but he felt pain shoot through his body. He chose to ignore it, getting up he turned the lights on hearing more groans from his fellow band mates, as ran over picking up his bass, and began to play a tune. Tatsurou soon joined them with Satochi. Miya was the last one to get up and grabbed his guitar. Loud music and singing rang throughout the studio.
When the song finished, everyone flopped back on their beds again. And everyone fell back into a deep slumber, everyone besides Tatsurou, who got up and went to lie in Yukke’s bed, wrapping his arms around the bassist. Yukke felt Tatsurou’s arms around him and he knew that it was going to be a long day for them.
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