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so we totally suck at stuff

so we, the blanketfort mods, suck at being mods. or like...doing anything consistently for any extended period of time that excludes fic reading...some of us even read crap fic until the end...*shakes head sadly* latest endeavour is bookmarking fic by theme in the memories...if there are people who actually remember this comm...and read fic...and find good fic...i would love to know about it...because i should be studying for my online course thingy but this is more interesting...

so i've started with wincest and j2...if there are people who dont know what that is...i feel bad for the fic i memoried...'s to trying to stick with sommat...and fixing the layout which dont work on chrome...and for which i dont have the psd's for because somebody decided my computer didn't need to live anymore...

i give this a week before it seems like too much effort
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