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[lyrics]Kanon Wakeshima - still doll

mana does insanely amazing things sometimes...and his latest feat is to make me like the type of voice that kanon wakeshima sings with...but of course its mostly the mananess that im in love with

but well...i wonder what they transed it as with vampire knight...im prolly completely wrong or sommat yay!

Hi Miss AliceCollapse )


MUCC - Shion 320kbs

because i liked it here it is...


Liebficken (Tatsurou x Yukke)

Title- Liebficken (Lovely to Fuck)
Rating- NC-17
Fandom- ムック (MUCC)
Pairing- Tatsurou x Yukke
Warning- Swearing, M / M, yaoi, pwp, bad grammar
Disclaimer- Nope i wish i know these two men but i don't ; ;

okay so it has been a long time since i wrote something. this was writen due to this video


“Keep doing that and the other guys will hear us and I will have to stop” Tatsurou whispered again flicking his tongue on the outer side of Yukke’s ear. Collapse )



01. 02. 03.

( the rest )
mostly from the dixanadu thing



has anyone been to the moi dix mois site lately? cos its freakin hot...
heres the intro vid. if it asks you where to play it...use internet explorer...just...guh...

and just because its cool..click here for the intro back when it was beyond the gate

doujinshiness ooo yeah baby

for anyone, probably most everyone, who hasn`t noticed it, our non-lj
site is back up. YAY! It is also no longer ad filled in no small part because of hakanai, who rocks.
to celebrate this we released our very first scanlation project which is currently availible in our irc channel along with helpful people who will eventually notice you if you need help.
direct downloads of it should appear eventually, but if you can wait for hot diru dj sex head on over to the chan #theblanketfort@irc.irchighway.net. also a great place to play jrock trivia.
anyway, look forward to more updates coming soon ^-^

Mar. 2nd, 2007

Welcome to the spoooooooky music thread! Request, post, comment away ^;-;^
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