Spook me, baby!

Challenge time, or season might be the better word, is upon those of us in the blanket fort. This time around the challenge is bigger and better than before.
Instead of a list or pairing we`re going for a theme. We want song recs, pics, fics... Anything you can think of that is spoooooooky. Think monster movie or slasher film -- jrock style. Or even Supernatural – jrock style!

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our love

because i love the blanketfort i asked gargles if the lyrics to The Marrow of a Bone were floating around yet, and because she`s useful she did the rest of the steps between that question and the final result.

Brief request, if you any typos let us know and if you want to use it anywhere else please link back our way and make sure all the credit goes to amayahimura

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i`ve been absolutely filling in for our lovely normally in control mods. amaya was dragged off to a family wedding and our co other lovely head mod ryoryo who ran off for christmas or some such. leaving me, mod of arguably useless skills and, currently, no bloody time.
anyway that`s not all that important, just felt like being slightly less useless and letting people`s know that the family values tour `06 dvd and are out. the cds only have a couple of diru tracks, same with the dvds, but they are brimming with new diru friends and this is going to be one of those subtle like cds you can lend your friends and be all, oh dir en grey, i had no idea. personally i`m getting both, it`ll be a chance to listen to all the bands that were on after diru and i didn`t bother to wait for...anyway, merry winter holidays and i hope everyone had a chance to enjoy a jrock style christmas moment. love and snuggles to all.
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merry merry...

i have a random leftover so i thought i'd just post it up. here you are:


it is Dir en Grey - Moso kakugai Geki - Delusion
Uncontroled Theater. [a happy little program from their indies days. very amusing.]

i hope someone gets some use out of it. merry christmas. ^_^ happy holidays. etc.
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boys love

yay for me! i figured out how to post youtube vids all by myself...okay not that hard but i`m still proud of me. here`s the boys love trailer in case anyone hasn`t seen it yet.


Oh noes. N00b alert! :P

I checked the stashed list already, and, to my surprise, Kai wasn't on there. So may I please stash Kai (Gazette)?

And, while, I'm at it, because I'm too lazy to make multiple posts at the moment...

(Fake cut to my playlist for trade/requests)

And also..
50 icons
[5] Shinya
[3] Kyo
[5] Hyde
[3] Kai
[1] Ruki
[3] Yoshiki
[3] Gackt
[2] Uruha
[2] Toshiya
[2] Matatabi
[1] Kagen no Tsuki (movie)
[20] Miyavi
7 Banners
10 Variations of Yoshiki icons


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