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: : the blanketfort : : #theblankefort@irc.irchighway.net

v. kanomax一郎

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~ jrock uploads graphics fics and claims ~
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our quest to take over the world and make it bishie has progressed yet again! we are now on irc and livejournal and have our own site! join us. become one of us. spread the word! THE BISHIES SHALL FLOURISH IN THIS LAND!

we are a bishie obsessed community that began on irchighway and have since spread to geocities and now livejournal. we have secret powers of bishie sense of which you can learn on our website.

learn japanese the bishie way

eat cookies

join in the challenges and have your (fics) posted on the blanketfort website

share bishies

make bishie fun stuff like winamp skins...wallpapers...icons...

does the photoshoppy stuff mostly

comes up with challenge ideas and maintains site

makes sure amayahimura and lilycharlotte dont get too drunk on power and end up taking over the world and forcing all bishies into their dungeons and boarding schools (which i think is very silly...and im sure other stuff too but my brain hurts

since we only want sincere gratitude around here we at the blanket fort will never force anyone to say thank you. we feel good doing bishieful deeds for others regardless of the outcome. know that thanking does really make a huge impact in what people will end up doing more of, so don`t feel scared of letting your voice be heard, but please never feel like you have to.

we arent dictators and we cant expect everyone to follow all the rules. theyre really more guidelines since the only ones being hurt by not following them will most likely be yourselves. we will not threaten anybody or publicly humiliate anybody. if you do something we feel is really really bad then we'll somehow get in contact with you, by email or commenting on your journal, and if we really feel youre a dickhead and deserve to be kicked in the head, we will ban you. i take much joy in banning when its truly deserved. but i also take much joy in knowing more people are listening to and appreciating the smex that is jrock over other types of music. although we also realise that not everyone will only love jrock. you may have guilty pleasures. we all do. we can accept that.

also, know that uploading is your choice. we dont expect everyone will have the time or even want to upload. although we'd like more people to upload, we dont want you to if the only reason you do it is so that somebody thanks you later. do it because you want to share your music. giving is about giving. not expecting something in return. if you expect something in return then youre not as generous as you think you are.

just remember, when posting, keep it jrock, bishie, or yaoi since those are really our only rules.

1. visit the irc channel at #theblankefort@irc.irchighway.net
2. visit the website
3. use lj cuts
4. love the bishies
5. molest the bishies
6. claim the bishies even

1. limit 1 per BLANKETFORTIAN
2. contributing people get more bishies
3. make your own or request a banner for your stash
4. no mistreating your bishies...unless they are kinky ukes and asked for it
5. no claiming of god
6. to claim a bishie for your stash make subject of a new post I WANT TO STASH A BISHIE TOO!
7. you may claim specific bishies (eg. pink hair kaoru) but please provide example pic
8. check stashed list first
9. try to refrain from plain bishie claims..be original..

(here's some code to help you do that)

the blanketfort bishie stash stashed list

1. jrock only
2. it is suggested that you post big files FRIENDS/MEMBERS ONLY
3. be helpful...upload lots
4. post trade lists n such

blanketfortian trade lists

1. yaoi only
2. its called fanfiction for a reason
3. flames are encouraged to help lilycharlotte stay warm
4. state the pairing before you go into the fic
5. if part of challenge indicate in post title
6. why not just follow fic rules from other fic places for the layout of warnings n such...sounds good to me
7. if you don`t mind us archiving your fic on the bf site please let us know

nothing at the moment but feel free to check out past or even post an entry...we dont turn down bishies

~ past challenges ~

second challenge THE VALENTINES DAY KINK CHALLENGE. pick a paraphilia and run with it the first ever ficlet challenge at The Blanketfort!! write 250 words about die and shinya cos its fun and theyre so cute together

(there be cool stuff mate)

come to the Blanketfort ~Mana's wish is your command~ the funnest way to learn japanese: jrock no kotoba!



i rec this for ysi downloads
it makes it go up to 500kbs for me and doesnt let it die

once you have become a blanketfortian..convert others to our cause!
(pick a banner..or all three..copy code..stick on your site and/or lj)


we own nothing and we have no money. we spent it all on bishies...or are in the process of spending it all on bishies.

if you see squares anywhere where you suspect should be text...you need japanese on your computer

4ge, alice nine, aliene ma'riage, angura kei, angura-kei, ao, atsushi sakurai, aya, b'z, baiser, baroque, bis, bishounen, blam honey, buck tick, buck-tick, cali gari, cali=gari, cali≠gari, cure, d'espairs ray, d.p.s., d=sire, dacco, dagashi kashi, das:vasser, deadman, despairsray, die, dir en grey, dokusatsu terrorist, doujinshi, due le quartz, duel jewel, earl grey, elegant gothic lolita, eroguro, eve of destiny, fan fiction, fatima, full, gackt, garden, gargoyle, gazette, glay, goatbed, guniw tools, guruguru eigakan, hakuei, here's the hamsters, hide, hide with spread beaver, hisashi, hitomi, hyde, inoran, inugami circus dan, inugami circus-dan, isabelle, j, j-rock, janne da arc, japanese rock, jils, jrock, kagerou, kagrra, kamijo, kanoma, kaoru, kozi, kuroyume, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, la'cryma christi, lab, lab., laputa, lareine, laruku, lasadies, lay, luna sea, lunacy, machine, madeth gray'll, malice mizer, mana, maru, merry, metronome, missalina rei, miyavi, mizuha, moi dix moi, moi dix mois, mucc, nightmare, noir fleurir, nookicky, onan spelmermaid, onmyouza, penicillin, phantasmagoria, phobia, pierrot, plastic tree, pride of mind, psycho le cemu, raphael, saga, sakito, sakurai ao, sanaka, saver tiger, seika, shingo mama, shinya, shoxx, shunsuke, siam shade, sugizo, syndrome, the back horn, the michelle gun elephant, the pumpkin head, tomo, toshiya, towa, tsukasa, underground-kei, vidoll, visual kei, wyse, x, x japan, x-japan, yaoi, yoshiki, yura, yu~ki, カリ≠ガリ, グルグル映画館, ムック, メトロノーム, メリー, 犬神サーカス団

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